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Curriculum Details



Separate curricula are provided for students in Riverside’s five teams. Our curriculum follows three models of approach; a Progress 8–based model, with 8/8+ measured subjects/curriculum areas, a Development 8 model for students in Teams 3 and 4 with more complex needs, and a Towards Adulthood model for students in Team 5.

The wide-ranging complexity of need at the school, (from Programme-Steps 1-16), requires a sensitive but robust and carefully thought-through curriculum that effectively delivers programmes to support both academic achievement and holistic personal growth.

The Main School is organised into four teams, corresponding to students’ levels of need:

Team 1: MLD (11-16, KS3/4) Progress 8+, formal curriculum, four classes       

Team 2: SLD (11-16, KS3/4) Progress 8, adapted curriculum, five classes

Team 3: SLD (11-16, KS3/4) Sensory Progress 8 Subjects, four classes

Team 4: PMLD (11-19, KS3/4/5) Developmental 8, three classes

The Learning Centre annex to the school is organised into 3 classes:

Team 5: MLD/SLD (15-19, yr 11/KS5)   Towards Adulthood curriculum, three classes


Each team is led by a Team Leader who manages the curriculum, monitors the quality of teaching and learning in their team, and ensures that there are regular opportunities in the team for sharing good practice. In addition to whole school weekly assemblies, each team has their own weekly assembly.

A balance is made between group and individual learning within a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum that aims to:

  • provide opportunities for all students to learn and achieve
  • promote students’ spiritual, moral, social, cultural and physical development
  • prepare all students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life

‘Learning to Live Life to the Full’ the school’s motto underpins all aspects of the curriculum, and develops a lifelong learning approach for all students.

The curriculum is delivered through termly schemes of work set at all levels across the five teams. Schemes of work follow a universal mapping framework, so that there is a consistency of termly topic themes and content and repetition of content is not repeated unless it is a planned repetition, (although the development of skills may need to be repeatedly re-addressed). Schemes of work show planned differentiation.