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Macaroni Wood

News from Team 1 & Team 3 Residential Trips to Macaroni Wood.

Riverside School is proud to announce an unforgettable residential trip to Macaroni Woods in Cirencester, England. This amazing opportunity offers students the chance to develop their social and independence skills while having a wonderful time in the heart of the countryside. At Macaroni Woods, students did experience a range of activities including camping, hiking, and participating in various outdoor activities. They will also be able to explore the area and its local attractions, such as the nearby local Zoo. Along with the activities, students will be able to learn and develop their teamwork and communication skills through workshops and team-building exercises.

These skills are essential for future success, both in their academic and social lives. The trip will also provide students with the opportunity to take part in a range of educational activities, such as visiting the local historical sites and exploring the local wildlife. This was an excellent opportunity for students to engage with their environment and learn more about the area. All of these activities will be supervised and supported by Riverside School staff, who will ensure that all students are safe and have a wonderful time developing their social and independence skills while having fun.